2023: Following the Flow of the Earth

Hello 2023!


It is a new year, and with that comes so many things. A lot of people like to start off their year with new year resolutions. Personally, I prefer to follow the flow that the earth is giving me. I live in a country where there are four seasons, and the new year falls right in the middle of winter. So my "year" has actually started a little earlier.


For the earth, winter is a time to slow down. Many of the plants and animals hibernate. They rest and recuperate in preparation for the amazing year ahead. During the winter I love to stay indoors, count stock of everything that is in my house and in my brain. I reflect and feel grateful for the events of the past calendar year. I start thinking about what I want to accomplish in the new year cycle and I plan, plan, plan.


In the spring, the earth prepares for rebirth. The animals and the trees wake up and that is also when I really feel excited to get out into the world and make things happen. This is when all the thinking and the planning that I have done for myself over the winter gets put into motion and my life is reborn as well. Each spring, I have the opportunity to do things that I didn't get to do last spring. In my business, this is when my brand is relaunched. I have conversations, I line up new opportunities, and this is when I really put in the work to stock new stores and join in on local markets.


Summer is all about fun and basking in the glory of your hard work! The sun is out and shining, providing you with much needed vitamins and energy. The world is in full bloom and Gaia is giving us all of her blessings. I know that my plans have been set in motion, my retail partners are hard at work selling my jewelry and my creativity and love are at their peak. This is when I like to reward myself. I spend as much time as possible outside, connecting and appreciating nature and the people around me.


The fall is still a busy period, but it is also when I start to think about and look forward to my winding down period. I use this time to focus on healing and do a bit of reflection. The fall is about personal growth for me. It's not too cold, so I can still be outside enjoying and appreciating the gifts of Gaia.  I watch the squirrels working hard at collecting their winter's stockade. I think back on my spring and summer and I tally up all my wins and where/how I could have done things differently. I spend time learning new things, reading new books and embracing the creativity that is still lingering from the summer. In my business, this is also a time for getting ready for the biggest sales period - the holidays. It is definitely a balancing act.


I truly believe that following the seasons will help me focus and align my life to what I want it to be. Spending the winter to focus and plan the year ahead and then executing in the spring and summer, with the fall as a time of personal healing, confidence building and focusing on self-worth.


If this is something that you also do, or would like to start incorporating into your life, I have a list of supportive gemstones for each period. Gemstones (I like to refer to them as Gaia's gifts) carrying special significance and when the wearer is mindful of these, they can really help them focus on it and carry it with them through their life.


Gemstones I recommend for the winter:

I like to recommend gemstones that promote calmness, peace at heart and of mind, and of reflection. 

  • Snow Quartz is particularly good for reflection and meditation as it is associated with unbiased thinking, helping the wearer to open their minds.
  • Aventurine is a really good calming stone. It is supposed to help encourage an open mind, compassion and endurance. This can help promote better mental health and an overall sense of calmness.
  • Amazonite is really good for reducing stress and issues with the nervous system. This will promote calmness and positive feelings.
  • Lepidolite, one of my favourite stones because of its purple colour, is often referred to as the peace stone. It is highly regarded for its ability to invoke a deep sense of calm.


Gemstones I recommend for the Spring:

The spring is all about rebirth and putting plans into action. I like to recommend gemstones that promote energy, vitality, focus and creativity.

  • Carnelian stones are really good for spring. They are said to enhance creativity, motivation and overall strength. They are perfect for those who suffer from imposter syndrome as they can quiet feelings of self-doubt.
  • Garnets promote feminine energy, which is all about following your intuition, being creative and being mindful.
  • Black Onyx is a great stone for spring. Although dark in colour, in many cultures it is seen as a protection stone, warding off evil, enhancing will power and focus.



Gemstones I recommend for the Summer:

The summer is one of my favourite seasons because it is all about love, getting out there with other people and really expressing yourself.

  • Rainbow moonstone is the perfect stone for the summer. Summer coincides with the Full Moon, in the lunar phases, which is also a time when many women ovulate. It enhances fertility, love, creativity, confidence, endurance and intuition - all characteristics that are essential for summer months.
  • Garnets are believed to promote fertility. They have been regarded as such since the time of the Ancient Egyptians.
  • Kunzite is a stone that promotes joy and love. It encourages the mind and heart to open and to fell. Its pinky-purple colour is fantastic for summer evenings in the sun.
  • Amazonite is a great summer stone as it promotes positive feelings and love.
  • Morganite, another pink stone, promotes love and innocence. It can promote healing and unconditional love.
  • Rose Quartz is another love stone. It can help balance emotions and dispel anger.


Gemstones I recommend for the Fall:

I personally love the fall as it is when I start to prepare for hibernation. I start to wrap up my projects and begin to take note of the lessons I have learned in the year. The gemstones I love for this season are:

  • Labradorite is a fantastic stone for the fall. It works to replenish energies and heal the body. It is also good for warding off negative energies.
  • Ruby Zoisite is a resetting stone. It helps the wearer to reset their minds, their habits and intuitions. In conjunction with other self-healing stones, it can be really powerful.
  • Jasper is a great stone for overall health. It is a grounding stone and promotes internal strength and general wellbeing.
  • Carnelian stones are believed to enhance confidence and are therefore great for those who are working on their own personal development.
  • Yellow Quartz is a wisdom stone, and helps wearers accept lessons that they have learned and raise their self-confidence. 


I hope you find something that resonates with you. 

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