Fair Pricing in an Unfair World

I am proud to say that one of my core values in business is fair pricing.

When I first started my jewelry business it was because I simply could not afford to buy some of the beautiful pieces I was attracted to. So I started to make jewelry for myself.

As I have grown in both experience and knowledge I have realized just how high some of the profit margins are for larger jewelry stores. I have gone shopping with friends multiple times and asked them to point out what pieces they like in stores throughout the mall. When I look at the materials used, compared the price the piece is on sale for, it is often mind blowing. Of course, most of the price is attributed to the name brand. You are paying to where that brand. And I'm not talking about brands like LV or Prada. I'm talking Swarovski, Pandora, Guess - your basic mall stores. A lot of the pieces I was seeing were made with very cheap materials, including plastic, other man made materials, low quality plating and raw materials.


I don't have exorbitantly high profit margins. I'm not flying around the world staying in luxury hotels off my business profits. I don't believe in taking your money for nothing. You're working hard for it, just like I am. My prices cover the basic material and packaging costs, my wages and a small margin to help me continue growing the business. I use materials that are made to last, making your investment in my pieces even more beneficial in the long run, as you won't need to buy another piece from somewhere else, or a replacement from me.


I also have low production costs which really helps with keeping my costs low. It's just me making these gorgeous pieces and managing the business on my own. I don't have any interns, staff, warehouses or manufacturing partners to pay. It's just me, doing it all. So you can trust that each piece is carefully reviewed and made in a way that is going to protect and honour my reputation and legacy.


I also don't factor in shipping. It's separate, or it's free (depending on the promotion) so you always know where your money is going.


And I'm not alone. There are so many brands taking the same approach, especially the startups and the little, local, handmade businesses like me. Sometimes it actually pays everyone to shop small and local. 

Thanks for being here!

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