We are not just mothers. We are not just wives. We are Goddesses.

A little while ago I made a post on Instagram with this photo. This photo made me think back to a time in my life, (pre-business, pre-kids, pre-career) when I was younger, slimmer, travelling the world, in love and carefree.

It made me sad.

I wanted to be this person again.

A lot of people reached out to me and said the exact same thing. What I had written resonated so deeply with them. But these were women who, as far as I could tell, had a lot to be proud of. I started to think about whether I had a lot to be proud of too.

The Answer: Yes, I do have a lot to be proud of.

Who I was before, honestly, has nothing on who I am now. I am still the same person, but I have learned so much more about the world and myself. I have had a lot of personal challenges in the last decade, and they have made me so much stronger. 

I have been through challenging work environments, where the responsibilities laid at my feet were more than I was ready for. I have grown and given birth to two children. I have felt the effects of post-partum depression, where everyday I couldn't get out of bed. The endless crying and feeling as though nothing was as it should be and I was all alone. I have an auto-immune disease that gets worse every year, causing me to put on stubborn weight, change my skin and lose my hair. I have found myself desperate and in despair in the monotomy of raising a tiny human and still being required to do everything else. And like you, I lived through a three-year pandemic, isolated and afraid of the future. 

But through all of these situations I kept telling myself that I was strong and I had a lot more to give the world. That the current situation was not all my life was going to be. There was more out there; there would be more, and I would feel whole again. 

It wasn't until recently that I came across a collective of woman who embody this. They know that from birth women are strong and they have a lot more to give the world than what we are currently cultured to believe.

We are not just mothers, not just wives, not just something pretty to look at and behold. 

We are creators. We are Goddesses. We hold powers beyond compare. Alone and together we can do incredible things. As a woman, I have a deep-rooted strength and every year, it only grows stronger and wiser.

The problem is our society continually tries to push us down and make us feel bad about ourselves. We are not pretty enough, thin enough, quiet enough; we don't work hard enough, we care about petty things, we are not built to lead. 

It's an unfortunate lie that we have been taught since birth.

We should instead be working to be more in-tune, more grateful and more conscious of our bodies and our internal systems. Our bodies and our minds are more powerful than we can even imagine. 

And there are a lot of woman who feel this exact same way. Maybe you do, deep down, feel like you are more than what society is telling you you should be.

I am using this platform as a way to lend an extra voice to this movement. Through my jewelry I hope to help you connect with yourself. By sharing the names and histories of the goddesses, I hope to spark an interest in you. An interest to learn the ancient ways of honouring the female. Female bodies, female powers and female energies. To learn the creation stories from cultures around the world and to remember that we have been here since the beginning. We have given life to this world and we keep giving life everyday. 

If you cannot find a deeper connection to your inner wisdom, then I hope at least, that you are able to use my jewelry as a way to honour and thank yourself, because that is the first step.

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