More than just Jewelry

More than just Jewelry

I've always been environmentally conscious. It's something that was taught to me by my father. He had us help him with his garden, we always recycled, we reused items where we could and we tried to reduce our overall waste through composting and consumption reduction. It’s something that I continue to do today in my own home and will eventually teach my own children. I also studied environmental ethics and management in university. It's something I've been passionate about for a long time and think about every single day.

I strive to be environmentally conscious in my business as well. From the get-go I decided to limit the amount of plastic that I use – which is why you won’t find your orders wrapped in plastic, and instead packaged on recyclable paper and a reusable storage bag. I am working hard to locate and utilize wholesalers and suppliers that are local to me so as to reduce my environmental impact. I offer delivery and local pick up, where possible, so as to avoid using bubble mailers and clogging up the mail system.

Now I’ve also decided that a portion of my sales will also go towards supporting environmental causes. I want my amazing customers to feel proud that their hard-earned dollars are not only going to treat themselves to something beautiful, but also to support environmental initiatives that will better our planet and our children’s lives.

I’ve decided that 3% of all profits will be donated to the David Suzuki Foundation on a monthly basis. David Suzuki is a Canadian scientist, environmental activist and professor who I have grown up watching, respecting and admiring for the tireless work that he, and his family, have put into bettering the environment and raising awareness towards environmental concerns.

Please head to to learn more about where a portion of your sale will go and stay tuned for even more environmentally focused initiatives and collections in the future!

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