About the Brand

Our name

The name Seren + Skye was chosen as an ode to the galaxy, the infinite possibilities available to us, and the vastness of the human spirit. It also drew inspiration from my time spent in the UK. More literally, our name gains substance from its Welsh origin – Seren meaning star and Skye, for the spectacular rugged landscapes of the Isle of Skye. A magical place full of wonder and endless beauty.

Seren + Skye was born in 2018 out of the desire to express myself artistically while also creating something that was unique and honest. It quickly became the artistic outlet I needed to bring balance into the wonderfully chaotic lifestyle of raising children. It has since grown with the purpose of empowering and inspiring women to find their inner strength and beauty. I utilize some of Earth’s most natural treasures, the guidance of our ancient ancestors and our planet’s hidden magic to inspire our designs.

I am intentional

Seren + Skye is a gemstone jewelry brand, with some classic staples added in. I choose our gemstones for their symbolic meanings and beauty. I hope to help our wearers feel calm, confident and in sync with their inner intuition.  Each gemstone that is used is carefully inspected to ensure it is the best of the bunch. I source our gemstones from local suppliers who import from various countries around the world.

Seren + Skye is also focused on pearls – which is a gemstone from the sea. Pearls are beautiful, classic and can help our wearers feel confident and worthy.

I only use high-quality materials including demi-fine metals and genuine gemstones. I’ve selected 14k gold-filled to be our primary material. Gold-filled offers the wearer a piece that is hypo-allergenic, waterproof and tarnish resistant. Apart from this, gold-filled materials will never lose their gold colour, which makes it an affordable demi-fine alternative to solid gold.

You will also find gold-vermeil and on occasion pieces that are made with sterling silver, which are also considered demi-fine metals.

I believe in giving

Apart from sharing with and inspiring our customers to find their internal strength, confidence and beauty, I also donate $1 from each piece to women’s empowerment, equality and social development charities and NGOs. Our selected charity for 2023 is: TBD.

In the past, I have also donated to environmental initiatives including The David Suzuki Foundation and Wildlife Preservation Canada.

It is important that I support charities and organizations who are working to combat social and environmental injustices within Canada and North America.

I believe in fair pricing

So often people look at a piece of jewelry and fall in love, only to be heartbroken by the price. Many large and well known jewelry brands inflate their prices by almost (and sometimes more) 10x the cost of labour and materials, making their pieces unattainable to most. At Seren + Skye, the pricing is fair. It is a price that covers our costs, donations, a living wage, and allows us to reinvest in the business. This business model is not only possible, but perfectly sustainable.

I am a small business

Seren + Skye is a small business. It was born in Mississauga, Ontario and is now based in Hamilton, Ontario. It is a one-woman owned and operated business. Seren + Skye products are showcased in small artisan stores and businesses throughout Ontario and participate in local markets. I prioritize shopping with local wholesalers, suppliers and other small businesses to get our materials and packaging supplies. All pieces are handmade by the same designer – Laura – with intention, focus and love. I want to scale and share my work with more people across Canada, but I have no intention of going corporate.

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