Gemstone Meanings

We use genuine gemstones and pearls, purchased from around the world, but prefer to shop local when possible. We inspect every gemstone that ends up on a piece of jewelry and use only the best. Our gemstones are selected for their overall beauty and elegance, which adds to our designs. However, gemstones are a gift from Gaia (mother earth), and we use her gifts to honour her, ourselves and take from her abundance and healing powers. Each gemstone carries a special significance, healing power and intention. Pearls are also a Gaia-given gemstone from the seas.
Below you will find most of the gemstones we are currently featuring in our designs. 
Amazonite is associated with money, luck and overall success. It is best worn as a necklace, so it is close to your heart and throat, where is can help reduce nervous system ailments, provide a calming effect and enhance positive feelings, like love.
Amazonite is often used to treat fatigue and trauma. It can also help with issues associated with the Thyroid and with alcoholism. Found in Brazil, Colorado and Virginia in the United States, Australia and Madagascar.  Amazonite is sensitive to chemicals, abrasives, heat, acids and ammonia. Never use a steamer, hot water or ultrasonic cleaners with this gemstone.
Translated as sea water, this stone get’s it name from it’s brilliant blue tones which mimic the colour of the ocean. It is a stone that provides protection and intelligence to its wearer.
Aquamarine is the March Birthstone.
This is a stone that promotes abundance, optimism, and all positive feelings. It can help to reduce and repel negative feelings and emotions. It can encourage an open mind, compassion and endurance. Different colours can promote additional things, including improved mental health (blue); invoking calm feelings and reducing trauma (green); and increasing creativity and sexual expression (red).
Black Onyx
A form of Chalcedony Stone and Agates. Because of it’s dark colour it is often associated with somber and dark purposes. It was traditionally worn as a mourning stone in the Victorian Era, signifying the wearers sadness and grief. In other cultures, it is seen as a protection stone, warding off evil, enhancing willpower and focus.
Carnelian was believed by the Romans to be a stone of courage, and is thought to enhance confidence, creativity, motivation, and strength. It can reduce feelings of self-doubt and help bring you more physical energy. In the Middle Ages, carnelian was used by alchemists when boiling stones as a way to release the energy of other gemstones, so it is an ideal stone in any collection.  
Carnelian is most commonly found in India, Brazil, Siberia and Germany.
The birthstone for January. Most commonly associated with the colour red but can be found in a variety of colours and gemstone “species”. Garnets have been regarded as a precious stone since the time of the Ancient Egyptians and have continued to hold this title through to today.  
Garnet is said to promote fertility and feminine energy as well as protection during travel. They are said to be blood stimulating stones and can help in the treatment of depression, sadness, loss and grief. Garnets are found throughout Africa, South Asia, Russia and the United States.  
This stone is a January Birthstone.
Jasper comes in a variety of colours and patterns. It is found all over the world and is very common. It is a grounding stone, symbolizing and enhancing strength (emotional and physical) and general wellbeing. Depending on the colour of the jasper, it can enhance the wellbeing of different parts of the body.
Comparatively, a more recently discovered gem (1902) in the United States, named after Tiffany and Co’s chief mineralogist Frederick Kunz.
It is a stone that brings joy and love to the wearer, encouraging the mind and heart to open and feel.
It can help heal a broken heart and reduce nervous tension.
Originally found in Labrador, Canada, but also found in Mexico, Russia and Finland. It is a spiritual stone that helps in replenishing energy and healing the body. It can also protect against negative energy.
Lapis Lazuli
One of the oldest gemstones known to man, it’s deepest reservoir is found deep in the mountains of Afghanistan. This deep blue rock contains many different minerals, including MICA, which give it it’s gold and silver hues. The stone has been revered across the ages for it’s comparable image of the night sky. It has been a stone reserved for royalty, is said to ward off evil and symbolizes strength, wisdom, courage and honesty.
This stone is a December birthstone
Lepidolite is mined as a source of lithium. It is often called a “peace stone” because of the sense of calm it gives its wearer. It is also said to aid in the overcoming of addictions and managing bi-polar disorders.
A member of the beryl family (emeralds and aquamarines), these stones are pink, purple or salmon. First discovered in 1910 in Madagascar, it is named after the famed J.P. Morgan. They are commonky found in Brazil, Southeast Adia and the Middle East. It symbolizes love and innocence, bring healing and unconditional love.
Moss Agate
Widely regarded as a good luck stone, it helps to balance the masculine and feminine energies when they are overwhelming. It can help in creating new relationships and is a good stone to wear when meeting new people.
Pearls are the only gemstones created by a living creature and have been utilized in jewelry for over 6000 years. They are believed to be a tool in balancing the internal systems of the body, including hormone levels and menstrual cycles. They represent and enhance wisdom, love, innocence, and faith and are strongly associated with weddings and fertility.  
Natural, sea-formed pearls are extremely rare, with one in 7 million mollusks forming a pearl. They are now mostly formed through farming and harvesting methods.
Pearls are the June birthstone.
Rainbow Moonstone
Associated with the moon by the ancient Greeks and Romans, it is believed to bring harmony and balance to those who wear it. It enhances fertility, love, creativity, confidence, endurance, and intuition. It is believed to help in bringing on visions and inspiration.
Rhodonite is the ultimate self-care stone. It helps you feel relaxed and fresh; put your troubles out of mind, it helps you to realize the little things that may not be so obvious, and reminds you to take time for yourself.
Rose Quartz
One of the oldest stones known to man, dating back 7000 BC, it was first utilized by the Assyrians, Ancient Romans, Egyptians and Greeks as talismans. It is a love stone and is said to balance emotions and disperse anger. It is associated with the heart chakra and can heal imbalances.
It is commonly found throughout Africa, South East Asia and Russia.
Ruby Zoisite
Zoisite itself is the mineral which contains a gemstone within. In this case, it is Ruby, but you can also find Tanzanite and Thulite in Zoisite. Zoisite is said to be a “resetting” stone. The energy that lives within the stone allows the holder to reset themselves, whether that is resetting their minds, resetting their habits or their inner intuitions. 
Snow Quartz
Quartz is extremely common – in fact, it is the most common mineral, with white being the second most common colour. Snow quartz is associated with innocence and unbiased thinking. It may be particularly useful for meditation and reflection.  
White Agate
White agate has been in use for over 3000 years and for varying purposes, including cooking and tools. White Agate is believed to be a balancing and grounding gem, having the ability to balance feminine and masculine energies; the ability to promote the release of toxins from the body and strengthening the immune system.
Yellow “Jade” Quartz
Yellow Jade Quartz is a wisdom stone that helps wearers accept the lessons that they learn from their experiences. It is also good for raising self-confidence. Yellow is a happy colour, so this can affect the wearer’s mood as well.
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