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Seren + Skye

Inanna Heart Charm Necklace

Inanna Heart Charm Necklace

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The Inanna Necklace was inspired by a bracelet I fondly remember from my childhood and is named for the Ancient Mesopotamian Goddess of love, war, and fertility.  It features small heart charms set out along the links in the chain. 

Inanna was a Goddess throughout the ancient world, later renamed Ishtar by the Babylonians and Assyrians.

If you like layering your necklaces, charm necklaces are easily paired with simple chain chockers and longer pendant necklaces. 


  • Hand-assembled
  • 14k Gold Filled Chain
  • 14k Gold Plated (with tarnish-resistant coating) charms
  • Length: 18 inches
  • Chain Type: Long and Short Chain


  • Gold-filled components contain 100 times more real gold than gold-plated components.
  • The chain is tarnish resistant.

Care Instructions:

  • In order to maintain the quality and lifespan of your jewelry we recommend the following: 
  • Clean your jewelry with a soft cloth or warm, soapy water. Do not use polishing cloths or polishing liquids. 
  • Remove your jewelry when you are likely to sweat while showering or swimming.
  • Avoid contact with harsh chemicals like Chlorine, perfume, body sprays, or lotions.
  • Store your jewelry in airtight containers/bags to avoid any oxidizing or humidity contact.  
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