Hi! I'm Laura, owner, and designer of Seren + Skye Jewelry. I have had a love for jewelry since my early teens and even had a small, beaded jewelry business back then too. Having lived in and travelled to several places where striking fashion is embedded in the culture, it served as constant inspiration to create beautiful and elegant jewelry. Utilizing some of Earth's most natural treasures, I like to be guided by our planet's hidden magic when creating my collections. 

I’ve built my most recent collections around celebrating our inner feminine energy, something that has been pushed down and shunned for centuries. Through my designs I hope to channel to strengths and wisdom of some of the most celebrated Goddesses, including Isis, Artemis, Aphrodite, Freya, Brigid and Morgana, and introduce you to some of those who are lesser known.
As a female, I have struggled with the idea of being less than a man and societal pressures to do more (and less) to meet the status quo of what a woman should and do. Over the last few years this has continually surfaced in different ways and it’s not something that I can ignore any longer. I am on a journey to connect with my inner feminine power, strength, and wisdom, not only so I can empower myself, but so that I can teach the two little boys I’m raising that men and women are equal and that women have a lot to offer this world.

My current muses include the Goddesses, the moon, stars and its constellations, and gemstones. I strive to utilize only the highest quality materials, including gold-filled and gold vermeil metals as well as genuine gemstones and pearls. The gemstones that hold the most personal meaning to me, and therefor appear the most in my jewelry are pearls, agate, carnelian, and kunzite.

I am passionate about the environment, believing that every decision we make must factor in the impact it will have on our planet. That is why I make a conscious effort to limit the amount of plastic in my designs and packaging, reduce my packaging materials, and be intentional about what I'm sending along to you and avoid extra fluff. I also strive to ensure that the materials being used are recyclable and when possible, environmentally conscious to begin with (i.e., FSC Certified Paper, Recycled Paper).

The name Seren + Skye was chosen as an ode to the galaxy, the infinite possibilities that are present and my time spent living in the UK. Seren, being Welsh for stars and Skye, after the Isle of Skye.
I hope you find something that deeply resonates with you. 

- Laura 


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