Hi! I'm Laura, owner and designer of Seren and Skye Jewelry. I have had a love for jewelry since my early teens and even had a small beaded jewelry business back then too. Having lived in and travelled to several places where striking fashion is embedded in the culture, it served as constant inspiration to create beautiful and elegant jewelry. Utilizing some of Earth’s most natural treasures, I like to be guided by our planet’s hidden magic when creating my collections.

My current muses include stars and its constellations, our oceans, and gemstones. I strive to utilize only the highest quality of gold plated, gold vermeil and gold-filled items as well as gemstones. The gemstones that hold the most personal meaning to me, and therefor appear the most in my jewelry are pearls, agate, carnelian and kunzite. Currently, I’ve extremely drawn to expressing myself with cellulose acetate pieces - mixing them with gold accents - to create distinguished and eco-friendly statement earrings.

I am passionate about the environment, believing that every decision we make must factor in the impact it will have on our planet. That is why I donate a minimum of 3% of my profits to environmental initiatives here in Canada, have initiative-based Collections, and strive to keep packaging to a minimum.

The name Seren and Skye was chosen as an ode to the galaxy, the infinite possibilities that are present and my time spent living in the UK. Seren, being Welsh for stars and Skye, after the Isle of Skye.

 I hope you find something that deeply resonates with you. 

- Laura