Seren + Skye is a demi-fine, gemstone jewelry brand with the purpose of empowering and inspiring women to find their inner power, strengths and beauty. I use some of Earth’s most natural treasures to inspire my designs and create timeless pieces.

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Owner and designer, Laura Malaquias, with her two sons.

Meet Laura

I've created Seren + Skye with the intention of inspiring other women to honour themselves. My hope is that when you purchase a product from me, you are making an investment in yourself. You are making time to reflect and listen to your inner voice, because she is strong, she is wise and she loves you.

I’ve built my most recent collections around celebrating femininity, minimalism and the genuine beauty of Earth's natural gifts: gemstones. The gemstones that hold the most personal meaning to me, and therefor appear the most in my jewelry are pearls, agate, carnelian, and kunzite.

All of my designs are handcrafted in my home-based studio in Hamilton, Ontario and can be found in boutiques across the greater Hamilton Area.

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